An Easy Way to Bleach Pinecones

bleached pinecone sitting beside white ironstone pot

I love using different textures and natural elements in my home decor, and several years ago I had this idea to try bleaching pinecones. Even though they are neutral already, I thought it would be fun to experiment and see if I could get them a lighter color, so I wanted to share an easy way to bleach pinecones.

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How To Make Easy No-Sew Fabric Pumpkins

plaid fabric pumpkin with real stick for stem

I recently starting pulling out all of my fall decor and found a huge fabric pumpkin I made last year. I realized I have never shared it, so today I want to show you how to make easy no-sew fabric pumpkins.

Don’t you just love fall??

Yeah, me too!! I just love the first few mornings when you begin to feel the crisp cool air.

You know, when you need a sweater in the mornings to sit outside and drink your coffee?

Just typing this makes me giddy and so anxious for fall and reminds me of this fall tablescape I created last year. You can take a look at that here.

fall tablescape set up outdoors, with amber vases for flowers and candles, white plates, layered with a large dried wreath, amber vintage goblets and brown plaid napkins

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I also love making some of my fall decor while I’m burning my fall scented candles. Using natural elements in my decor and making things is especially fun to me.

Last year, as I was cleaning out my office/craft closet I found tons of fabric I had never used. As I was going through it, and about to do away with some it, I found some gold/brown plaid fabric that I thought would make a cute DIY fabric pumpkin.

So, I pulled it out, and got to work.

supplies for a fabric pumpkin

supplies to make a no sew fabric pumpkin, polyfil, scrap fabric, scissors and twine

For your no sew fabric pumpkin, you will need…….

piece of scrap fabric


twine, yarn or string

small stick

glue gun

spanish moss

steps to make a fabric pumpkin with a real stem

large square of gold plaid fabric to use to make a no sew fabric pumpkin

First of all, I cut a large square from the scrap fabric. Obviously, the larger the square, the larger the pumpkin.

I cut my square about 30″ and it made about a 15″ size pumpkin.

So, just cut your square any size you like.

Next, you want to fill your square with polyfil.

fabric square stuffed with polyfil and gathered up to make a fabric no sewpumpkin
fabric square stuffed with polyfil and gathered up to make a fabric no sew pumpkin

When you have the amount of stuffing that you like, gather all of the sides of the fabric together.

Then you will want to tie it up with the twine or string. Don’t tie it super tight, just yet, because you want to be able to insert the “stem”.

fabric square stuffed with polyfil and gathered up to make a fabric no sew pumpkin

You will probably have a couple of places that don’t catch in the twine, and that’s ok. Just tuck those in or even use a dab of hot glue so it will stay put.

You can see how mine looks in this pic. I just added a dot of hot glue and tucked it in. You can’t even tell when it’s all finished.

fabric square stuffed with polyfil and gathered up to make a fabric no sew pumpkin
fabric square stuffed with polyfil and gathered up to make a fabric no sew pumpkin

Now, you want to cut the excess fabric off, right above where you tied it off with twine. I left about 2″ above the twine.

Use a piece of real stick or even a stem from a pumpkin. More about the pumpkin stem at the end of this post.

fabric square stuffed with polyfil and gathered up to make a fabric no sew pumpkin

Poke your stick or stem down into the center where your fabric is gathered. I added some hot glue to the end of my stick, so it would stay put. And now, you can cinch the twine up really tight, to keep everything in place.

fabric square stuffed with polyfil and gathered up to make a fabric no sew pumpkin
fabric square stuffed with polyfil and gathered up to make a fabric no sew pumpkin

Lastly, I added some spanish moss around the top, to hide the raw edge of fabric and make it look a little more realistic. The moss resembles the greenery or leaves that would be on a real pumpkin.

fabric square stuffed with polyfil and gathered up to make a fabric no sew pumpkin

And, that’s it! It’s just that simple.

plaid fabric pumpkin with real stick for stem

tips for making a fabric pumpkin

#1 – A great place to find inexpensive fabric for your pumpkins is to look througth the sheets at thrift stores.

#2 – Also, mens shirts are another good option, especially flannels. Thrift stores and garage sales are great places to find these.

#3 – I like to save real pumpkin stems from my pumpkins every year. Since I usually buy several real pumpkins, I just cut them stems off at the end of the season, before I throw them out. I just lay them out on a paper towel to dry out completely, then I store them with my fall decor to use for pumpkin crafts the next season. These can make a fabric or faux pumpkins look so much more realistic.

I plan on making lots more of these cute no sew fabric pumpkins this year, using different fabrics and making different sizes.

I hope you find this “how to make a fabric pumpkin tutorial helpful. If you make your own, I would love to hear about it!!

blessings and happy crafting,

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If you are joining me from Simply 2 Moms, welcome! I am so glad you are here!

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favorite thrifted finds

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cinco de mayo tablescape

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spring inspired wreath

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spring inspired place setting

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Stamped Egg Place Cards for a Spring Table

stamped egg place cards

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Follow along and I will show you how I did it. You won’t believe how simple it is!

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