How To Install a Rug Runner on a Staircase

I am so excited about my latest DIY project! So, I wanted to share how to install a rug runner on a staircase.  It was a fairly easy project, that made a huge impact in my home.

I’ve been wanting to make a change to my stairs for quite a while, but just couldn’t decide what I wanted. 

I thought about using metal numbers on the first 5 steps and numbering them 1-5, but I just never could decide if that’s really the look I wanted.


Our staircase is basically in 3 sections.  The lowest is only 5 steps and goes to a landing, then it turns.


There are a few more steps, then another landing and it turns another time.   A few more steps end at our upstairs floor. 


The upper 2 flights are open back with no riser at the back.  We chose this option to keep the space from feeling closed in.  However, the bottom 5 had to have a back/riser to help support the upper stairs. These are where I wanted to add a bit of character, because you see these when you enter my front door. 

I love vintage Turkish rugs, and luckily I found a great source for them.  It occurred to me one day that I could order a rug runner and use it on the bottom flight of stairs. 

A couple of years ago, I found a great source for Turkish rugs on Etsy called Turkish Rug Empire.  I have ordered several over the past couple of years. They have an amazing selection, great prices and free shipping.  By the way, this is not a sponsored post, I just love the rugs and want to share this great source with you. 

turkish rug

step 1 – find a rug

There was a large inventory of rugs and I found a rug that would be a perfect fit.

staircase runner rug

I chose one that would be slightly more narrow than the width of my stairs. And just a bit longer than I actually needed, just to make sure.  I knew I could cut the length, if necessary, but wanted to make sure it wasn’t too short.

step 2 – laying out and securing the rug

staircase runner install

We started at the top of the stairs and layed the rug where we wanted it. We used an electric staple gun to attach it.  The rug was secured with staples along the baseboard and then occasionally down the sides.  This was to prevent the rug from slipping or moving at all. 

When we (my husband) got to the end of a step, the rug was folded over the end of the step tightly, and stapled underneath the edge of the step. 

staircase runner installation

He continued down each step, folding the rug tightly and stapling underneath each step. And adding a staple down the sides occasionally.

staircase rug installation

He continued to the bottom of the stairs and we actually had several inches of the rug left over.  We had planned on cutting it off and ending at the bottom of the last step. But, I actually liked the look of it hanging over and exposing the fringed edge of the rug. 

staircase runner rug

I absolutely love the change it made in my staircase!! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this “how to install a rug runner on a staircase” post ! Hopefully, it gives you some inspiration to add a runner to your stairs if you’re looking for a change!

As always, I would love to see it if you do. I love to hear from you!


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  1. susan osborne says:

    Hi, I am definitely signing up for more from you!
    I have a small (1526 sq ft) home, in central NY state, built in 1880 but with generations of changes- and have been trying to figure out what to do with my stairs. I ripped out the nasty stained tan carpet, painted the wood white. Not good, but better.
    But overall, I think I have been cobbing stuff, I’d love to turn this sweet little house into a jewel, more in line with 1880- 1918.
    I am not good with attention to detail. Too often I see an overall, big picture, which can be useful, but then it somehow isn’t “perfect”. I’m ok with out perfection, but I would love lovely, sweet, uncluttered but beautiful. Help!

    1. Thank you so much for following along!! I hope my Instagram account and blog will continue to be inspiration for you.
      It sounds like your little cottage has great potential.

  2. Wow!! !!!What a difference adding the stair runner made to the whole look. Thanks for sharing the process and how it turned out:)

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