Saturday Morning Gather #69: all things holiday

gath•er: to come together or bring together into one group, collection or place. 

Good Morning, and Happy Saturday! I’m so happy you could join me for Saturday Morning Gather today!

Christmas photo #25 and bottle brush tree

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Please somebody slow down time! I feel like it is flying by and Christmas will be here in a few minutes.

And, I’m not ready!!

If you are new here, welcome.

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Gather round and grab your coffee or favorite morning drink of choice and let’s take a look at what’s been happening this week.

on the blog….

This week, I posted this fun clock inspired snack board that is perfect for all of your New Year’s get togethers.

I actually created it for a New Year’s Eve party 2 years ago and realized recently that I never shared the details.

I recreated it this week, so pop over and take a look at “How To Create a Clock Themed Snack Board for New Year’s.

clock theme snack board with half clock face numbers white and dark foods

in other random news…

I am the coordinator for our town Holiday Home Tour.

It is a huge fundraiser for our town and provides funds for our downtown square to put on events at no cost to attendees.

I came up with the idea years ago when I had a shop on the downtown square and we had to come up with ways to make money to fund the events.

It has been a huge success because we always have so many wonderful people open their homes for the event.

We typically have 5-6 homes on the tour. It is for 2 days, and has become a favorite holiday outing for many.

Even though I haven’t had a storefront in several years, I still coordinate the event because I love the impact it has on our great little downtown square.

The event was the past 2 days, and was the biggest year yet!!

Now that the event is behind me, it’s time for me to get in high gear and get some Christmas things done!

and some other amazing things I found….

these adorable Dollar Store bells DIY

this beautiful winter candle DIY

beautiful DIY Christmas ornaments….

handmade Christmas ornaments

these fun Mistletoe Mimosas…..

I just got this cute sequin jacket and it is going to be so fun for the holidays! And it’s on major sale!

Also, got this woven waste basket last week and I love it! Looks so much better than a typical trash can. You can use code MICHELE10 to receive 10% discount if you need one too.

woven waste basket

I hope you found some inspiration at our Saturday Morning Gather today!

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  1. I just attended my first Tour of Homes in Greenville last weekend. I’ll have to go to yours next year. I bet it is wonderful!

    1. Oh, I wish I had know about Greenville tour of homes. I would love to attend that one too.

      I went to the McKinney home tour with some friends yesterday and it was such a fun day.

      The Rockwall home tour is always the second Friday and Saturday in December if you want to put it on your calendar.

  2. Cindy@countyroad407 says:

    Dang it! I am so sad to not have heard about the tour of homes! I and my friends would have made the trek out there! Is there a FB page or email list we could get on for next year’s tour? I have to do things one at a time so I feel your anxiousness for getting other things done now that the tour is over. Best wishes it all goes smoothly. I honestly don’t know how you get it all done. Must be the Lord. Happy Christmas!

    1. Oh, I’m so sorry you didn’t know about the tour!! It is posted on the Downtown Rockwall FB page starting a couple of months before the tour. The home tour is always the second Friday and Saturday in December if you want to put in on your calendar.

      It went very well and was a successful fundraising event. Made far more money than ever before.

      And most definitely the Lord is my strength!!

      Have a wonderful Christmas season Cindy!

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