Spice Cabinet Refresh

I realized recently that I haven’t cleaned out my spice cabinet, probably since we moved 4 years ago. Yikes!!!

So it was way past time for a spice cabinet refresh!

I had expired ones, duplicate ones, and some I have no idea why I even had them. There were actually 2 shelves like this, but I only photographed this one.

I started by completely emptying the cabinet, checked expiration dates on everything, threw out the old, and wiped down the shelves.

I wanted a really clean and uncluttered look so I searched online for spice jars and came up with these.

They came in a set of 12, and unfortunately I only ordered 1 set which wasn’t enough, but I ended up reusing some jars I already had by removing the stock label and adding a label to match the new jars.

Also, the specific jars I ordered are out of stock, but I found a very similar one here.

These are what a lot of my jars looked like, and luckily the labels came off pretty easily.

I switched all the spices over to the new jars and then created labels using my dymo label maker. There were some really cute labels on Etsy, but I decided I wanted a very simple look and I already had the dymo label maker.

I ordered 2 of these bamboo double turntables online from Container Store. My cabinet is fairly narrow, so I could only fit 1 turntable per shelf.

These are the new, shorter jars, after I added the labels.

And these are the old jars after I had washed them, removed the old labels and added the new labels.

And, voila’, just like that, a brand new spice cabinet look. I love how the look of the new jars and old jars compliment one another. Since I used the same labels they work well together.

I hope this gives you some inspiration to toss out the old and give your spice cabinet a refresh.


I use the dymo label maker so often and here are other posts showing ideas for other uses for it.



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