How To Make a Unique Thrifted Garden Ornament

thrifted garden ornament 4 clear glass thrifted pieces glued on top of each other standing on copper pole in garden votive candle in top piece background of hydrangea bush

I love to add ornaments and decorative things to my garden and flower beds. Sometimes I use vintage sculpture and architectural pieces which are great, but I want share how to make a unique thrifted garden ornament.

These ornaments are easy and very inexpensive and add so much character to your gardens.

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Arched Pantry Door

I can’t wait to show you the transformation of this arched pantry door!

We built our farmhouse 4 years ago. The previous 2 years were spent designing, planning and purchasing one of a kind and vintage pieces to make our home unique. Lots of the doors in our home are antique, including our front and back doors and several doors that we had made into sliding barn doors.

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How To Repurpose A Dated Vintage Furniture Piece

corner and top view of light gray painted piano stool with french grain sack fabric on top with nail heads

If you love an easy makeover project, this post is for you! I’m sharing how to repurpose a dated vintage furniture piece that has been in my family for probably 100 years.

This piano stool was my great grandmother’s. It has been passed down through the years to my grandmother, then my mother, and now me. It’s been painted and repainted multiple times.

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