A Spring Inspired Wreath

spring inspired wreath grapevine wreath covered in green moss with peat pots randomly attached to wreath and neutral seed packets dried hydrangeas attached to wreath neutral bow at top and hanging on gray door

The last couple of years I have used a wall basket on my front door for Spring time. I fill it with live plants, still in their nursery containers which makes it easier to water them. I wanted something different this year, so I decided to make a spring inspired wreath.

last Spring’s door decor

front door decor

My inspiration came from my sweet friend Rachel, at The Ponds Farmhouse. She made an adorable wreath for her beautiful greenhouse, and I loved it so much!

I adopted her idea and put my own spin on it. Be sure and pop over and see how Rachel made hers too.

Come along, and I’ll show you how I made it.

supplies for the wreath

peat pots for wreath

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For my wreath, I used peat pots. Mainly, because I already had quite a few, and also because they are light weight. I bought a sleeve of 15 at Home Depot for about $2.00 to start some basil seeds, and had some left over.

wreath making supplies

You will need a grapevine wreath, whatever size you like. And also, some moss. I used a bag of sheet moss, but Spanish moss will work fine too.

wreath making supplies

You will need twine and an ice pick or sharp tool to put holes in the peat pots. This is how you will attach them to the wreath.

painting the peat pots

First, I painted all of my peat pots with a coat of white paint. I didn’t completely cover the pots, so this step was super quick and easy.

painting peat pots for wreath

This is how they will look when you are finished.

After they dry, poke 2 holes in them, and pull a piece of twine through. This is how you will attach them to the wreath.

peat pots for wreath

adding moss to your wreath

I added sheet moss all the way around my wreath. I just tucked it in between the grapevine pieces, and it stayed just fine. You could secure with hot glue if you choose.

spring inspired wreath

Next, I started adding my pots. I pulled a piece of twine through the 2 holes I poked in them, and tied them on randomly around the wreath. I left a bit of space between mine, but you could do them solid around the wreath, if you choose.

spring inspired wreath

After my pots were secure, I added a bow at the top, and embellished with a couple of seed packets, dried hydrangeas and a birds nest. The seed packets were hot glued on to secure, and I just tucked the birds nests into a pot and stuck the stem of the hydrangea into the moss.

This wreath turned out super cute and was very easy to make, and I love that I didn’t have to purchase anything to make it. I used things I had on hand, and shopped my house for things to embellish it with.

I hope you enjoyed this spring inspired wreath DIY! Let me know if you try one of your own, I would love to see!!


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4 thoughts on “A Spring Inspired Wreath

  1. Sandra Smith says:

    Michelle: I love this wreath! Everything about it! Especially the peat pots for lightness and they look great. Thanks for the inspiration, Sandra

    1. Oh, I’m so glad you like it! Thanks so much for commenting and following along! Happy Sunday!

    1. You’re so welcome Rachel. And thank you, I had great inspiration!

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