Book Page Table Runner DIY

I hosted a baby shower last year and the guest of honor was an avid reader so we used a book theme for the shower. I came up with this book page table runner to use down my island for the food buffet and have used it for my dining table several times since then.

It’s super simple and quick to make!

You will need some type of paper for your runner. I used white freezer paper that I already had, but you could use brown kraft paper or even wrapping paper you have on hand. It doesn’t really matter, because it won’t show anyway. You will also need a spray adhesive (you could use a glue stick, but it would take quite a while), and an old book you don’t mind tearing the pages out of. And before anyone gets upset that I destroyed a book, let me explain that these were free from the library and were headed to the book graveyard, so basically, I gave them a new life.

I cut my paper the length and width that I wanted and spread it out on my front sidewalk. The spray glue can get messy and I didn’t want to get the overspray on anything in the house.
Tear some pages out of your book, spray your paper with spray adhesive and start laying the book pages out, and overlapping them.
Keep layering the pages and working your way down the paper until it is completely covered.
You will notice, at this point, that a few of the edges and corners aren’t stuck down because of the overlapping so you will need to use a little spray glue or a glue stick in those places. This will make more sense as you do the project.

This was my finished table runner.
You can also use sheet music, a child’s coloring book (for a kids event), etc.
Just use your imagination.

This was the table runner on my back patio table set up for Easter lunch.
I set the table with off white plates and layered them with my bunny salad plates that were purchased at Hobby Lobby several years ago (they have been carrying them the past few years as well). I used off white linen napkins purchased on clearance a couple of years ago at Arhaus. After they are washed and dried they’re wrinkled looking and I love the relaxed look it adds to my place settings, so I leave them that way instead of ironing.

Next, it was time to decide on a centerpiece.
The first picture in this post was one option I tried. It’s a cute little greenhouse made from reclaimed windows and I love to decorate it seasonally and use it on my breakfast table.
This photo is what I put in it this year for Spring. A few small weathered flower pots, a sweet little chamomile plant, some neutral seed packets and a little sheet moss.

Next up was my “real touch” tulip arrangement in a vignette of a few other spring like things. I collect birds nests, so I added one of those and used some scrabble tiles to spell out “spring”. I added a small white cake stand for a little height and threw in one of my vintage brown transferware pitchers just for a little interest and anchored it all together on a seagrass tray.

My final option was a moss bunny and a few of the “real touch” tulips out of my arrangement. I left the tray, small cake stand and “spring” scrabble tiles.

I had a hard time deciding, but I’m going with the bunny centerpiece for Easter Sunday, then changing it out to the tulip arrangement for the remainder of Spring. My little greenhouse will take its place on my breakfast table.

Obviously, this book page table runner can be used for any event or holiday. I have used it several times for different gatherings in my home.
I hope you found this inspirational and try one of your own. I would love to hear about it if you do.


17 thoughts on “Book Page Table Runner DIY

  1. Simply love this neat idea. So happy to find your blog from Thistlewood. Your table setting is no neat and cozy.

  2. This is SO clever!!! I love all your centerpiece ideas too. Quick question: How do you store the book page runner? Can it be rolled up? I’m not sure I’d want to fold it. So nice of KariAnne to feature you~~a great new blog find!

    1. Yes, SO nice of Kari Anne to feature me, and I’m so grateful! She is the best!!
      As far as the runner goes, when I made it for the shower we had some spills on it, and it’s so easy and quick to make, I just tossed that one and made a new one recently. I am still using it so I haven’t stored it yet, but I think I can roll it loosely and it should be fine.
      Thank you so much for stopping by the blog, and I’m glad you enjoyed this post!

  3. I found you from Hometalk. Did you make the cute little greenhouse featured in the first photo? If so, do you have a tutorial? I searched your blog under Greenhouse and Tabletop Greenhouse, but didn’t find anything. Thanks!

    1. No, I’m so sorry, I don’t. I bought that years ago from a young girl that made furniture and vintage items out of reclaimed wood.

      Thanks so much for popping over and commenting!

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