DIY cordless table lamp

Have you ever really needed a lamp in a place there is no outlet nearby?

Yeah, me too! Sometimes, you just need a cordless table lamp.

A couple of years ago, we decided to rearrange some furniture and living spaces in our home. Our dining area became our sitting area, and vice versa. It just fit our lifestyle a lot better to have a large sitting area attached to our kitchen instead of a huge 8′ round table that is rarely used.

farmhouse living room

I love the way it turned out and we use it so much more, but there was one problem.

The sitting area is where my favorite chair is. It’s where I sit in the mornings to have coffee and do my devotional. It’s where I sit late at night when I can’t sleep and I want to read, so I need a lamp. Since this is where the dining area originally was, we didn’t add a floor plug. Also, the nearest wall is a wall of french doors, which means no outlets.

In order to plug in a lamp it would have to stretch across the floor into the next room, and obviously, that won’t work. I desperately needed a cordless table lamp.

farmhouse living room

So, for 2 years, I have grieved that I don’t have a lamp beside my chair.
I even researched battery operated lamps, and no such luck. The only ones I found were very small and awful looking.

A few months ago, my sweet friend Jessica, aka Itty Bitty Farmhouse posted a DIY project for “simple DIY lighting”. She needed wall lights for her office and didn’t want to have to wire the lighting so she came up with this brilliant idea!!

I knew it was a bit different than what I was needing, but I thought maybe I could adjust it just a bit and see if I could make a cordless table lamp.

So, here’s what I did…….


puck lights

I purchased the supplies that Jessica had suggested. A handy outlet and puck lights with a remote. I found both of them on amazon.

Also, I purchased a lamp that I wanted to use in this space.

step 1

handy outlet adapter

You want to screw the handy outlet into your lamp socket. This provides place for the puck light to attach to.

step 2

lamp lighting

For my project I had to use 2 puck lights attached togther. The reason for this, is if I just use 1 light attached to the handy outlet, the puck light would be facing up toward the ceiling and it wouldn’t produce enough light. I needed a puck light facing downward, so I attached 2 together. 1 faces upward and the other downward.

The puck lights come with an adhesive circle, so I used 1 of those to attach the lights together.

step 3

cordless lamp lighting

Then I attached the other adhesive circle to the top of one of the lights. Yes, it will cover some of the light, but that was the only way to make this work and have a light facing downward.

step 4

cordless lamp option

Stick the adhesive circle to the handy outlet on you lamp. Now, you have a light facing up and another facing down.

step 5

cordless lamp

Lastly, attach your lamp shade, and voila’, you have light!!

You may want to cut the electrical cord off your lamp unless there is a good way to hide it. You won’t need it on this lamp, unless you decide you want to plug this lamp in another location, at some point.

Be sure and order the puck lights with a remote, because this is how you will turn your lamp on and off.

cordless table lamp

This was a super easy project, and I love how it turned out.

If you have an area where you need a lamp and don’t have a plug, you should definitely give it a try.

Another inexpensive option for a lamp is to use a lamp you already have that might not be working, since you will be cutting the cord off anyway. Or, you can shop at a thrift store and buy a used lamp for a fraction of what a new one would cost.

I hope you found this DIY helpful! Be sure and pop over to Itty Bitty Farmhouse blog and see how Jessica did this project. You can see it here.


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23 thoughts on “DIY cordless table lamp

    1. Isn’t it such a great idea?? I bought the lamp and the shade at “At Home” recently. Very good price too.

      Thanks so much for following along and commenting!! Have a great weekend!

    1. Ha!! Wasn’t it such a great idea? So glad I stumbled across it and was able to alter the idea a bit to work for my lamp.

  1. Absolutely genius, and just what I needed! How did you know that, lol?
    I have an old (1880) home, and while the electricity has had some updates, there just aren’t enough outlets where I need them. And just like you, I am switching my dining room with my living/tv/family room. ( Did I mention this house is also pretty small, as well as old?)
    Thanks so much for sharing this brilliant idea!

    1. Of course! I certainly can’t take all of the credit. Jessica aka Itty Bitty Farmhouse came up with the general idea. I just altered it a bit, but it works great!
      Glad you enjoyed the post!

  2. You just solved so many of my problems. We don’t have floor plugs and it seems that everywhere I want a lamp, there are no plugs. I can’t wait to try this. Thanks for sharing.

  3. LOVE this idea! I am sure I will use it at some point. Great for those little dark corners that need a sweet lamp to illuminate…..or inside a hutch on a shelf. Also, glad to see that beautiful chair once more and happy it is your favorite. It truly is beautiful! Cheers!

  4. Love it. I’ve seen it done for sconce lights but not sure I would have come up with your double-puck light solution to give more light.

    1. Isn’t it such a great idea?? So glad I happened upon Jessica’s tutorial!

      So glad you found it helpful, and thank you for following along!

      blessings, michele

  5. I am so doing this! It’s a solution to a similar problem I’m having in my bedroom. Thank you for the idea!

  6. OMG this is brilliant! I’ve ordered the supplies & have the perfect spot for my lamp now. Truly appreciate this post 🙂

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