Flowering branch arrangement

It all started with tree trimming!!

My husband was doing the spring tree trimming in the backyard. When I walked outside and saw the mounds of flowering branches he had piled in the yard, that were about to go in the trash, I just couldn’t stand it. I have no idea what kind of tree this if from, but it has the sweetest little blooms on it. I knew it would make an amazing flowering branch arrangement.

I gathered some of the best looking branches, and went on a hunt for a container large enough to hold them. I scoured the house and couldn’t find anything I wanted to use until I ran across this basket in the floor in my office. It’s was perfect!!

I’ve had this basket for years and don’t remember where it came from but you can find a similar one here, and lots more here.

The only problem was that I needed something to hold water so the branches would last longer. I didn’t have a vase large enough, but ran across this wicker ice bucket in my pantry that has a galvanized lining, and luckily it fit perfectly inside the basket.

I filled the bucket with water and got busy arranging the branches.

Yes, it is huge, wild, wispy and a bit unconventional, but I love it!
It makes a bold statement and cost me absolutely nothing.
I think sometimes when I’m forced to use what I have on hand, I come up with the most creative things.

When I think outside the box, it usually is the most gratifying. I end up with something very unusual and unique that you just can’t buy at a store.

Do you ever try things a bit “out of the box” in your own home decor?
I would love to know!!

blessings, and happy decorating,

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