Halloween Tablescape 2 Ways

I had so much fun styling my table for Halloween this year. I haven’t decorated for Halloween in several years, but I got inspired this year. So, I want to share how I created a Halloween tablescape 2 ways.

Spooky Halloween Tablescape

I started with a “spooky” version, just for fun, then decided to try a more classic and fun style.

Spooky Tablescape

I had a roll of this Hester and Cook black and white stripe table runner, so I used a piece of that down the center of my table and added a piece of black shredded cheesecloth type fabric on top. That was purchased at Michaels.

Spooky Halloween Place Mat

I purchased felt web placemats from Michaels. They were on sale for $1.79.

I layered dishes I already had. The bottom layer is a white plate, the next layer is a salad plate from my Emma Bridgewater Pottery collection and the top layer is an orange transferware plate. I only had 4 of the orange transfeware plates and needed 6 for this table. I improvised on the other 2 place settings and used 2 square orange pattern melamine plates I had on hand and topped them with a smaller black and white pattern saucer from my Emma Bridgewater collection. Since the colors all coordinate, it worked just fine.

Spooky Halloween Tablescape

I don’t typically like to use paper napkins, but I loved these orange Houndstooth ones I bought several years ago at Hobby Lobby, so I used those for this tablescape.

The centerpiece is a soup tureen from Mackenzie Childs that I already had and I added dry ice for a spooky effect. I purchased dry ice at my local grocery store.

On one side of the soup pot, I used a black checked pumpkin and the other side is a witches hat I found at a thrift store recently. It was perfectly aged, but had a tacky ribbon and dried flowers on it, so I pulled those off and it turned out to be pretty cute.

Spooky Halloween Place Setting

I found 2 large crows and black glittered spiders at Michaels. I used 1 crow on each end of the centerpiece and topped each plate with a spider.

The final thing were 3 brass candlesticks that were left over from my daughter’s wedding decor.

Classic Halloween Tablescape

Fun Halloween Tablescape

Next up, is the more fun, classic and less spooky version.

I kept most things the same, but removed the spiders, crows, witches hat and black gauzy fabric down the center.

Fun Halloween Table Setting

I ended up leaving the spider web placemats but also tried some jute ones that I purchased a few months ago and I like that look too.

The Mackenzie Child’s soup tureen became a vase for fresh flowers I picked up at the grocery store.

Fun Halloween Tablescape

And just like that, I styled a Halloween Tablescape 2 ways!!

I hope this gave you some ideas and inspiration to create your own Halloween table.


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4 thoughts on “Halloween Tablescape 2 Ways

  1. Cute. You didn’t mention the napkins. Are they paper? I really liked the classic version the best but could see that both must have been fun to put together.

    1. Yes, the napkins are paper ones I bought at Hobby Lobby several years ago. I mentioned in the post that I don’t typically use paper napkins, but I liked how these went with the plates and color scheme.

      I think it would look great with a white or orange fabric napkin too. Hope that .

      Thank you so much for following and commenting!!

  2. i am always so delighted to receive a post from you….. you are one of my top 5 bloggers!!!! thanks for all of your ideas…. lynne

    1. Oh wow, what a huge compliment!!! Thank you so much for your kind words and for following along! I would love to hear if there is something specific you would like to see.

      blessings, michele

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