How to make a Succulent Pumpkin

I had so much fun creating this beautiful pumpkin centerpiece that I wanted to share how to make a succulent pumpkin with you!!

Years ago, I was coordinating a fall wedding and the florist used white pumpkins to create beautiful centerpieces for the tables.

how to make a succulent pumpkin
(Florist version from years ago. Pardon the pour photo quality.)

I loved them SO much, that I came home and created my own.

how to make a succulent pumpkin
(This is the pumpkin I created several years ago.)

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The difference in those arrangements and the ones I create now, are that the florist had scooped out part of the pumpkin and buried a small container to plant the succulents in.

When I made my first one, I did the same. It lasted a while, but since then I have discovered there is a much better way, and your centerpiece will stay beautiful much longer.

supplies you will need

supplies to make a succulent pumpkin

To make your succulent pumpkin you will need a pumpkin of whatever size, style and color you choose. You will also need succulents, moss and a hot glue gun.

supplies for making a succulent pumpkin

I purchased small succulents at my local grocery store, 10 for $10. I also took some clippings off of succulents I already had. You can purchase tiny succulents here.

supplies for making a succulent pumpkin

I removed all of the dirt from the roots on the ones that were potted.

step one

how to make a succlent pumpkin

First, you want to hot glue the moss on top of the pumpkin.

how to make a succulent pumpkin

step two

The next step is to hot glue your succulents to your pumpkin.

how to make a succulent pumpkin

Just put a touch of hot glue on each piece and tuck into the moss.

These little guys are so hardy, the succulents will actually put off roots around the hot glue.

finished pumpkin centerpiece

pumpkin succulent

If you treat your pumpkin before you start, it will last even longer.

You can do this by washing in a bleach wash. Some also spray with a shellac, but I have never tried that.

These are also very cute on mini pumpkins and would be so beautiful at each place setting for your Fall or Thanksgiving gathering.

They are beautiful on any color pumpkin. I prefer the white since my decor is neutral, but I have also made them on the gorgeous heirloom pumpkins.

The colors of the succulents against the colors of the pumpkin is stunning!

pumpkin succulent

I hope you’ve enjoyed this ‘How to make a succulent pumpkin’ tutorial.

If you try one of your own, I would love to know. As always, I love hearing from you!


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  1. This is gorgeous! So grateful for the tutorial and pics as I would have not thought to do it this way, You make it look so doable. Maybe this will show up at my daughter’s Wedsgiving!!!

    1. Oh, so glad you like it Diane! It was super easy and fun to make!

    1. Thanks Renae! It was a fun project and makes such a big impact on a tablescape!

  2. Learning new ideas here – love your succulent pumpkin! Thank you for sharing on Whimsy Home Wednesday!

    1. Thanks so much Kristin! I’m so glad you liked it.

  3. Wow!!! This is AMAZING! I would have totally thought you had the moss and everything IN the pumpkin. SO GOOD!!! I LOVE The green against the white. Such a fun project!!

    1. Thanks Rachel! I just love making these for the fall decor!

  4. What a beautiful craft project, Michele! This would make a wonderful Thanksgiving centerpiece. I am so excited to feature your post at this week’s Tuesday Turn About link party. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Oh, thanks so much Lynne! I really appreciate that!

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